Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis God’s Way Testimonies

multiple sclerosisMultiple sclerosis (MS) affects women more than men. The disorder is most commonly diagnosed between ages 20 and 40, but can be seen at any age. MS is caused by damage to the myelin sheath, the protective covering that surrounds nerve cells.

The following testimonies at the Hallelujah Acres are from people who overcame multiple sclerosis.:

Multiple Sclerosis gone…after 17 years of suffering

Submitted By: Judith L. of Dover-Foxcroft, ME

Shuffling my feet, I tried to make it to my seat with my husband’s help. As I entered the church that crisp fall Sunday morning in 2003, I had no idea that my life was about to change and would never be the same again! Soon after I had reached my seat, a woman came up to my husband and asked, “I hope you don’t mind if I ask, but what is wrong with your wife, is she sick?” My husband told her that I had been suffering with Multiple Sclerosis for 17 years.

That woman was Debra Irwin, wife of Bill Irwin, the only blind man to ever walk the entire 2,169-mile Appalachian Trail with only a seeing eye dog to guide him. And the reason Debra had approached my husband was that Bill had heard my shuffling feet and wanted to know what was wrong with me, because he thought he could help me. (You can read Bill Irwin’s testimony in Back to the Garden, Issue #46.)

Twenty-one years ago, I was living in Florida working as a cashier in a store and under lots of stress. One day, in a quick moment, I started losing my eyesight. I was devastated! That incident was to change my life dramatically. Tests were performed and the end result was that I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. My heart sank, and I decided to return home to Maine so that I could be near my family.

After a few years, I met and fell in love with a wonderful Christian man named Ernie Livingstone. I told him I had Multiple Sclerosis, but that didn’t matter to him. We got married and committed to take each day as it came. As the years went by, my disease got progressively worse. My legs became very weak; I suffered with cluster headaches and had lots of pain. For each issue, my doctor would give me another medication. An oxygen tank became my companion.

As my legs got weaker, we purchased a walker so that I could get around the house. I was still falling down occasionally, so my husband would have to leave work and come home to help me. Most of the time I could not shower or dress without Ernie’s help. On good days I used a cane to help me walk. I was taking lots of medications including: Tegretol, Amitriptyline, Prozac, Zanex, and Methotrexate, to name just a few.

The side effects from these drugs made me almost helpless, and my husband had to take care of me like you would a baby. My body was now funny looking, my eye drooped, and I became very frightened. I was also very depressed even though I was taking all the anti-depressant medications my doctor had prescribed. Then the doctors told me that there was nothing more they could do for me. My medicine cabinet was filled with bottles of pills, but I was getting worse by the day.

It was at this low point in my life that God stepped in! It happened when Health Minister Bill Irwin entered my life after shuffling into church on that fall Sunday morning in 2003. Bill told me that I didn’t have to be sick! He said that if I would make some simple changes in my diet and lifestyle, my body could get well. Bill told me about the Hallelujah Acres Diet & Lifestyle and almost immediately, after adopting that diet and lifestyle, I did start getting well.

My strength was the first thing to return. Bill was teaching me how to effectively take control of my life, and I loved what was happening! It was all so simple, yet profoundly wonderful to be able to do the things I had thought I would never be able to do again. As I learned from Bill how to release the stress, my progress accelerated, and I knew I would be able to live normally and joyously once again.

Within four months of making the diet and lifestyle change, I was off all my medications, all my physical symptoms were gone, and my eyesight had returned to normal. It has been four years since I met Bill and adopted the Hallelujah Acres Diet & Lifestyle and I can hardly believe how much energy I now have. I am thrilled beyond belief! Now I get up every morning to face the new day well and happy. I go hiking, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, swimming, and any other sport I choose to do without a single thought of never being able to do these activities again! I thank God every day for bringing Bill Irwin and this Hallelujah Acres Diet & Lifestyle into my life and for the wonderful healing I have experienced. To me this is a miracle from God and I pray that my experience will be an encouragement to other Multiple Sclerosis sufferers who feel there is no hope.

My MS has been in complete remission for many years…

Submitted By: Lani of Central Point, OR

I have been on a quest for health ever since being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) many years ago. My journey has been a long but steady one. There is a lot of heart disease in my father’s side of the family’s dad and his brothers all died in their early 50’s from heart disease.

My diet has been an evolution over the decades based on a tremendous amount of reading, experimenting, and finding what worked and didn’t work for me. I have gone from the SAD diet, to the Macrobiotic diet, to a vegetarian diet, to a raw vegan diet, and finally to The Hallelujah Diet.

My MS has been in complete remission for many years, and I am now an energetic person, teach yoga 3 days a week, along with raw food preparation classes. I feel The Hallelujah Diet is so appropriate for those seeking better health. Eating 85% raw and 15% cooked allows people not to feel deprived, and it’s an easy diet to follow once you have learned the basics.

…within a week started feeling better.

Submitted By: Dale K. of Tennessee

About 5-years ago, while painting our house, I became extremely fatigued and started slurring my words. I went to the hospital and an MRI showed lesions on my brain. My hearing was damaged and my vision impaired to the extent I couldn’t see very well. Then I started having balance problems, tremors in my feet and lower legs, and I started dragging my right foot.

About three months after the first attack, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I was completely devastated. The symptoms I was experiencing and the diagnosis devastated me. I prayed fervently for God to heal me, or show me what to do. That is when someone gave me a copy of George Malkmus’ tapes on ‘How To Eliminate Sickness. Immediately after listening to the tape, I went on The Hallelujah Diet, and within a week started feeling better.

Soon thereafter my whole body began to improve and my energy returned. The tremors and shakes that were so uncomfortable went away, my balance improved, and the dizziness disappeared. My eyesight, according to my eye doctor is continuing to improve, and I have not had another attack, nor do I expect to. It is wonderful to feel normal again and to know I am going to continue to feel great every day, just as long as I remain on The Hallelujah Diet.
I thank the Lord for revealing to me the way to return to good health. Praise the Lord!

Eddie is singing your diet’s praises…

Submitted By: Peter of Brisbane, Australia

Hi George, My name is Peter and I live in Brisbane, Australia. I’m writing regarding my friend Eddie, who has had Multiple Sclerosis for approximately 15 years. He has been in a wheelchair for the past 6 years and was losing muscle strength, vision, and memory. He also had bladder infections and continuous constipation problems. He had to be helped to transfer from the wheelchair at all times and was ill with whatever flu or cold going around. Doctor’s diagnosis was an ongoing decline in all body functions and eventually death!

Eddie’s response was that God was in charge, and he started to follow The Hallelujah Diet. That was 3 years ago.

The results: Now transferring from wheelchair by his self. No bladder infections for 2 years. No flues or colds for 2 years. No more memory loss at all. No constipation at all. Vision improved — Had to get weaker glasses. Now he is standing unaided on walking frame for 5 minutes. Now believes he will walk again. Hair re-growing and has to shave every day now. He has Increased motor co-ordination. All his blood tests are normal .

Eddie is singing your diet’s praises and promotes a healthy lifestyle to whoever will listen to him. He is very outgoing and full of life, which has totally bemused the doctors and the M.S Society here in Brisbane. He fully expects to walk in the next 12 months and praises God daily for finding out His way of eating through your book ‘God’s Way to Ultimate Health.’ He is an inspiration to be around and is a marvelous ambassador for Hallelujah Acres. I will let you know his progress over the next months.

…everyone around me (including myself) are amazed at how well I am doing.

Submitted By: Linda L.

I was diagnosed with MS in June 2001(although, of course, I knew something was wrong since 1996).

My wonderful mother, started bringing me everything she could find on the internet regarding MS, general health, etc. The more I learned about what your immune system does in people with MS, and the more I learned about what things like sugar, effects your immune system, etc. it all started making sense to me. Then, she brought me information on The Hallelujah Diet. It all started fitting together for me and I knew I had to try the Hallelujah lifestyle. At that time I had nothing to lose.

I had already tried the conventional methods of treatment for MS. I went through the IV steroids & oral steroids (I thought I was going to kill me) butthe symptoms continued. I started on Copaxone injections every day, and was taking Aricept for memory problems, baclofen for the muscle spasms, Provigil for the incredible fatigue, plus multi vitamins, calcium and vit D, and injections of B12 for my pernicious anemia.

I was not getting better, just slowly getting worse. I had to rest almost all day so I would be able to have enough energy to cook dinner and do the dishes in the evening. I had developed muscle weakness in my left arm and left leg. It was difficult to walk most days and definitely painful and difficult to walk or even move until about noon each day. Most of the time, I couldn’t walk up the stairs, in fact most nights I would crawl up the stairs and sit and rest about every 4 or 5 steps. In the mornings, I couldn’t even hold a cup of coffee in my left hand. I was unsteady and off balance. I couldn’t mentally function with out assistance.

By December of 2001, my injection sites had become swollen, red, with large knots and would last about 5 days. My grandchildren would try to hug me and I would cringe because it would hurt. That’s when I decided to stop the injections for a while, at least until after Christmas.

By January, I had read enough information that I decided to try the Hallelujah diet. I had nothing to lose. My neurologist wasn’t very thrilled with me and said what you eat has nothing to do with anything. But, never-the -less, I told him I was going to try it for 6 months.

I thought that if anything as simple as changing your diet, could really work, that everyone would know about it. But I knew that God had never let me down, and had always seen me through. I also knew God was calling me to this lifestyle. It is so amazing to me how God’s answers and gifts are always so simple, but humans always take His gifts and twist them and turn then until we have something so distorted that it hurts us. I think that is what we have done with eating. Eating was meant to nurious our bodies; however, now we do it for taste and don’t even nourish our bodes but instead make ourselves sick with chronic degenerative diseases.

Well, I started the Hallelujah diet in January 2002. I was on the diet for about 3 months before I noticed any difference in my MS symptoms. However, my irritable bowel syndrome that I had had for about 7 years, was gone after 3 days on the diet. My digestive problems (which I’ve had since I was a teenager,) were gone after about 1 week, and my chronic sinusitis that the doctor had told me I would always have was gone right away too. After 3 months, I realized that I wasn’t having to take naps anymore. Then that my balance was better, and I didn’t have numbness and tingling and aching in my torso anymore, and then in my arms and legs, etc.

I have now been on the diet for only 9 months, and everyone around me (including myself) are amazed at how well I am doing. I feel better than I have felt in 5 years and I keep getting better. Almost all of my MS symptoms are gone. And I am off all my MS medicine. The only thing I am taking now is one injection per month of B12 for pernicious anemia (a condition caused when your body quits producing an enzyme that allows your body to absorb B12). I haven’t even had a headache since I began this diet.

Last month, my husband had to go on a business trip, so I went with him. I walked all over the city. When ever my husband would go out site seeing with me, we would have to sit down and rest because he would get tired and have to rest. He told me that he couldn’t believe that less than 1 year ago I could hardly walk from one room to the next without being totally worn out and now was out-walking him. Praise God for bring such a simple answer which has allowed me to live again! I feel great!

People are constantly telling me how healthy I look and I keep passing on the good news that “you don’t have to be sick!” Several friends have started the diet as well as three of my daughters and two of my granddaughters.

Thank you for being a vessel that God could use!

…look forward to being able to live the rest of my life disease free.

Submitted By: Susan G.

I was diagnosed with MS 9/99, with some very devastating symptoms. After the doctors told me there was no cure, and sent me home with a load of drugs, I began researching diet, and searching for folks who had been cured through nutrition.

I have been on the HD after reading God’s Way, and then went 100% raw since 2/01. The results are astounding. Through a few months of raw, I have experienced a complete remission and a gradual reversal of my symptoms.

At this time, I have regained bowel/bladder control, no more numbness, no fatigue at all (as a matter of fact, increased mental alertness and clarity), I no longer use a cane to walk, and added strength to both legs. At this time, I walk with a limp due to weakness in my left leg, but even that will disappear with time and proper raw nutrition. I fully support the HD in curing the incurables and look forward to being able to live the rest of my life disease free.

…my deliverance from MS symptoms…

Submitted By: Steve

The truth is I am not sure if my deliverance from MS symptoms is from a direct healing from the Lord due to prayer or as a result of following the Hallelujah Diets ideas. I give the Lord praise as either one is from him.

I use to bend over with tremendous shocking feelings going through my left arm and up through my neck. I use to hit my arm against the wall to try to make it stop and told my parents I thought I was having a heart attack. I couldn’t even explain all the terrible symptoms I was having. It was like every nerve in my arm was being shocked all at once. I finally went to the neurologist and after many tests the diagnosis was MS.

Now after following the advice in your book and others like it I have been symptom free for two years now and also work out with weights and jog. Keep up the great research and praise the Lord.

Zach just stared, “Daddy, you’re well!!”…

Submitted By: Kathleen & John G. of Wayne County, GA

John was diagnosed with relapsing and remitting MS in 4-01. Friends of ours had told us about the H-acres diet after having lifesaving results with cancer. We resisted for a year.
Oct. 2001, I started working at a school and I considered going back to college at night which would leave John alone with our two kids. One night our son fell down the stairs, John tried to respond and fell flat on his back. I had never seen him with a look of fear until then. In case of an emergency, he knew he wouldn’t be able to react.

Throughout the school year, John showed signs of becoming weaker. He needed Provigil (medicine for Chronic fatigue) and still took lots of naps during the day. We shared our fear with our friends of leaving the kids alone with John while I went to school. They reminded us of the diet, so we started it May 2002. We were considering a cane or other helpful walking instrument for John at this time.

July 2002,We had almost successfully been on the transitional diet for 6 weeks. It was a big change from our usual Cajun to the core diet. We lost weight which was a nice plus but my energy as well as John’s increased tremendously. We were watching TV one night and he just noted that he hadn’t needed a Provigil since “sometime in June”. I was tickled. But the real treat was the next day.

We were outside doing some yard work, the kids were climbing on some trees. Zach, 5, fell out of the tree (only 4 feet) and made a huge racket about it. John took off in a slow jog to get to Zach and reached him shortly after Taylor, 8, and I did. Zach just stared, “Daddy, you’re well!!” We hooted and hollered for a while, then cried and laughed some more.

It’s October 2002 and John has not had a relapse since we started the diet. Sometimes he thinks something is starting but it never manifests. We are pleased with the results and have chosen to continue at a slow pace. (No money yet to get the new wardrobe we’ll require in a few pounds.)

Many people have asked how we lost our weight. We tell them, “We chose to get healthy.” Weight is vanity, health is wisdom — do it for the health of it. Thank you Dr. Malkmus!

….this past year I played ball every week…

Submitted By: Anonymous

I have had the miracle of greatly improved health using a similar diet. After all medical options were tried and failed I was told my Chronic Progressive Multiple Sclerosis was too serious to overcome. I was told to buy the best wheelchair I could get because it would be an investment for life.

Instead, I changed my diet and this past year I played ball every week-hitting doubles, catching fly balls and doing things I never dreamed I would be doing again. It has been amazing to see others improve also. My cancers are leaving and MS problems are slowly disappearing. Please send me information as I am already speaking to groups and need your guidance.

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