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rhonda's raw burritosRaw fruit dip recipe – Try this raw food fruit dip as a dessert. Serve this dip in a bowl with sliced fruit, such as apples, grapes, orange sections, pineapple, etc. This raw fruit dip also doubles as a very nice icing for raw cakes. This fruit dip tastes best if kept chilled in the fridge.


raspberry applesauceRaspberry Applesauce Recipe – Most applesauces added sugar. This applesauce has no added sugar which only provides three fruits as the ingredients. No added sugar.



cucumber dressingCucumber Dressing Recipe – Recipe for life…from God’s Garden. Great for salads! 🙂




almond milk recipeAlmond Milk Recipe – Almond milk recipe. It’s so much healthier than buying almond milk at the store because of the chemicals that is used in it.





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