Raw Vegan Vanilla Cashew Yogurt Recipe


raw vegan cashew vanilla yogurt recipe

Raw vegan vanilla cashew yogurt recipe. The live and active cultures in yogurt break down lactose in milk. This allows lactose intolerant individuals to eat yogurt..

What You’ll Need:

-1/2 cup of raw cashews (to substitute milk)

-the juice from 1 squeezed lemon (no seeds)

-1/4 cup of dates (approximately 3) to taste for sweetness

-1 tbsp vanilla

-4 cups of high-quality water (purified or spring) blender

How to Make Raw Vegan Vanilla Cashew Yogurt

Add cashews, dates, lemon juice and vanilla into the blender.

Add just enough water to wet the ingredients.

Cover blender and turn it on high for a few seconds.

Add more water, depending on desired consistency, and continue to blend on high for a few more seconds.

Your vegan cashew yogurt is now ready to enjoy.

You can store it for 2-3 days in your refrigerator, however, because it contains lemon juice, the longer it is stored, the more tart it will become.

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