Summer Sushi Rolls

Summery sushi rolls. Sooo light, refreshing, fluffy, savory, satisfying, and sophisticated, yet devilishly simple. Enjoy the new low fat raw vegan recipe: Summer Sushi Rolls!

Raw Organic Ingredients


Before you get started, blend the following ingredients until smooth. Organic foods aren’t all the same size, so make sure you’re following your intuition here and sampling as you experiment.


1\2 tomato

juice of 1 small lemon

1\4-1\2c raw coconut oil

1 medium bell pepper (red, yellow, or orange is fine, just not green)

Rolls (makes 3)

3 raw nori sheets

1\2 med cucumber

1\2 ear corn

mung bean sprouts

1 med head romaine lettuce

First wash and prepare your vegetables consciously. Good sushi is created in this step. The more elegantly you craft your vegetables now, the more beautiful and satisfying they’ll be when it comes time to eat them.

-Peel and cut your cucumber into long, even strips.

-Shuck, clean, and cut your corn kernels from the ear. No boiling, salting, buttering, or grilling necessary. Corn is best, sweetest, crunchiest, and most satisfying in its ripe, raw state.

-Wash your mung bean sprouts and set aside.

-Wash and slice your romaine lettuce into ~1cm strips

Organize all your beautifully prepared vegetables into containers to keep everything neatly organized. Set aside.

Next set out a nori roll, textured side down, and put a generous helping of romaine lettuce down first. Use about 1\3 of each of your ingredients for each roll.

Carefully set in your cucumber strips, sprinkle on your corn and mung bean sprouts.



Now for the nextpart… rolling it up! Don’t be afraid to really control the situation here and get a strong grip on your roll. Make sure all the ingredients are compacted evenly across as you roll it up with both hands.

Now cut the roll carefully in the center, then make two more cuts into each half, giving the end pieces a little extra room. I like to place my peace fingers to hold the roll while I make the cut in between them.






Plate them…

Pour your sauce consciously onto each roll. There you go, whaa-la.

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