Hallelujah Acres Testimonies on Overcoming Diabetes

The following testimonies are from people who have practiced the Hallelujah Diet and have overcome Diabetes as well as numerous other diseases. The Hallelujah diet is a raw vegan diet based on Genesis 1:29.

God's Way to Ultimate Health by George Malkmus
God’s Way to Ultimate Health by George Malkmus
God’s Way to Ultimate Health – By Rev. George Malkmus with Michael Dye, is the ultimate nutritional guidebook, and has everything you need to know about how to return to God’s original plan for nourishing the human body. Read what the Bible says about diet and how modern science supports this Biblical wisdom. This cornerstone book of The Hallelujah Diet. contains 282 pages of vital information and real-life testimonies. A book that many people say saved their lives. Paperback. 282 pages.


Gen 1:29 And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.

God did not have us eating animal products when he created us and many are trying this diet and as you will read below having amazing results. This page is dedicated to Diabetes. We also have other testimonies on this site including Cancer.

Below are the testimonies. Enjoy and hopefully learn about the principles of this diet.

Within four weeks of starting the Hallelujah Diet, I was able to stop taking medication for my diabetes..

Submitted By: Alfred J. of Greenville, South Carolina

In the year 2005 I had by-pass surgery. Seven weeks later I had to have gallbladder surgery. Then in March 2009, just before adopting the Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle, I was diagnosed with bladder cancer. It was shortly after that cancer diagnosis the Lord brought the Hallelujah Diet into my life.

In addition to the above physical problems, when I began the Hallelujah Diet, I was also a diabetic, had high blood pressure, acid reflux, and suffered with severe sinus headaches. Within four weeks of starting the Hallelujah Diet, I was able to stop taking medication for my diabetes, as well as high blood pressure and acid reflux, and within six months of starting the Hallelujah Diet, my sinus headaches were gone.

After experiencing these tremendous improvements in my health I started sharing my testimony with others, and they too experienced improvement in their health. Because of all these wonderful improvements in health I, as well as my wife’s, as well as others, after making a simple diet change, I want to learn more so that I will be better able to help ever more people experience the health God desires for His children.

Now my blood sugar is becoming stable.

Submitted By: Tony G.

Brother George, I am a type II diabetic and have just completed 30 days on the Hallelujah Diet.

The first thing I noticed within a week of making the diet change was the reversal of erectile dysfunction and improved stamina. Wow! – That alone was enough to win me over to the Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle!

Then I noticed in the same first seven days that I was no longer struggling with constipation. Then I noticed I didn’t have dandruff anymore. Now my blood sugar is becoming stable. I have already lost 12 pounds and am exercising again.

I am so excited about my new life. I work on a tugboat four days on and four days off. May God continue to use your ministry to heal and restore lives.

Diabetes Gone While Cholesterol Reduces from 230 to 70

Submitted By: Karen T

I have great news! After only one month on the Hallelujah Acres Diet and Lifestyle’s Recovery Diet, my husband no longer has diabetes and his cholesterol has lowered from 230 to 70.

His doctor doesn’t know how to explain these incredible improvements in my husband’s health other than to acknowledge these improvements must be the result of his diet change. Hallelujah!

Recovery from Diabetic Neuropathy

Submitted By: David L. of Manassas, Virginia

I was already a Type 1 juvenile diabetic when I learned about the Hallelujah Diet, and was already having problems with diabetic neuropathy in both feet.

However, after adopting The Hallelujah Diet in 2006, it wasn’t long before the loss of sensation and the tingling in my feet was completely gone, and all other symptoms of neuropathy had vanished, and I have had no further problem since making the diet change three years ago. Also, my A1C levels have dropped from 7 plus to 6.1, and interestingly my body’s sensitivity to the sun significantly reduced and I no longer get sunburned.

On the Standard American Diet (SAD) I saw a continuous degradation of my health, but since adopting The Hallelujah Diet my health has been restored. I tell others about the benefits that I have experienced since adopting The Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle.

…blood sugar had dropped from 8.2 down to 6.9, my blood pressure had dropped significantly…

Submitted By: Nettie J. of Greenville, South Carolina

At the time I started the Hallelujah Diet, I was suffering with pancreatitis problems, sugar diabetes, high blood pressure, acid reflux, and was a hundred pounds overweight. I was on injection insulin for my diabetes, as well as numerous medications for my other problems.

I was also in a dilemma as to what I should eat, because my diabetes doctor told me I had to eat meat and dairy products for my diabetes, while my gastroenterologist was telling me just the opposite, that a diet containing no meat or dairy was the best diet for me. Fortunately, after learning about the Hallelujah Diet and the importance of eliminating all animal products, and consuming a 100% plant based diet, I listened to my gastroenterologist and not my diabetic doctor, and eliminated all animal products from my diet.

Just three months after eliminating all animal sourced foods from my diet and adopting a 100% plant based diet, I went back to my diabetic doctor and she asked me what in the world I had been doing, because my sugar had dropped from 8.2 down to 6.9, my blood pressure had dropped significantly, my bad cholesterol was down, my good cholesterol was up, and I had lost 36 pounds.

So after doing something as simple as changing what I ate, in just three months of following the Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle, I had not only seen significant improvement in my health, but was also told by my diabetic doctor that she was taking me off my injection insulin and all other medications. Hallelujah!

I want to become a Health Minister so that I can help others with their health problems, by helping them to understand that God’s way of eating, as he tells us in the bible in Genesis 1:29, is the best way to nourish these physical bodies God has given us.

After 2 spine surgeries & 2 hip replacements, pain free on Hallelujah Diet.

Submitted By: Ron C

Rev. Malkmus, What I have to share with you is truly unbelievable. I am a 63 years old Canadian and have been partially paralyzed from the waist down. I went through two spine operations back in 2002, but was able to learn how to walk again afterward, only to have two hip replacements. I was in constant pain and felt it was all over for me.

Twenty days ago I started on The Hallelujah Diet. Up until twelve days ago I still thought it was all over for me, but then something wonderful started to happen within my body and to my surprise three days ago I found myself pain free! Before the diet change I could barely walk when I awoke but now have no problem walking.

When I started on The Hallelujah Diet twenty days ago I weighed 217 pounds, ached with arthritis all over, experiencing constant pain from my hip surgeries and spine surgeries. People like me naturally have problems having bowel movements and I was no stranger there as I would often go a week between bowel movements. Before the diet change my blood sugar was at 9.4 or higher, blood pressure was 187/97 and I had been on five medications to control my blood pressure for some twenty-five years. Well, to make a long story a bit shorter, I now weigh 177 pounds, for a weight loss of 40 pounds in just 20 days; blood pressure is now 127/83; blood sugar is down to 5.8 and lower, I have had a bowl movement every day but one in the last twelve days, and have experienced no pain for the last three days. Now these are miracles and I thank God and the Hallelujah Diet. Praise His Holy Name!

With proper diet and increased exercise I found my blood glucose levels dropped to normal levels.

BarleyMax (8.5 oz) - Powder
BarleyMax (8.5 oz) – Powder
BarleyMax is a barley juice product, which is grown from specially selected seeds on fields that are certified organic in a pristine area of the USA where the soil is high in minerals and the air is pure.

Submitted By: Ann P. RN of Peach Tree, GA

I am no longer working in the nursing profession and want to devote my life to teaching the principles of The Hallelujah Diet. I have witnessed many instances where poor diet resulted in poor health. I feel there is a growing need to let others know the true way to health.

I am also impressed with Hallelujah Acres and the support they offer through educational materials -books, videos, seminars, recipes, testimonies, and most of all, Scriptures. I would like to start my own Health Ministry and help spread the word about your important work. I am a baby boomer myself and realize many in my age group (as well as other age groups) need to be made aware of the Hallelujah Acres program.

Prior to learning of The Hallelujah Diet I had type 2 diabetes. My doctor put me on medication, but I chose not to follow that path. With proper diet and increased exercise I found my blood glucose levels dropped to normal levels. I now know the components of proper health, which are critical to improving health and well-being. Since adopting the hallelujah diet I have lost 40-pounds, and have witnessed not only improved health within my own body, but have also seen huge improvements in the health of family and friends after applying the principles of the Hallelujah Diet.

…my cholesterol had dropped from 185 to 121, sugar was normal, triglycerides had dropped…

Submitted By: Anonymous

I started the diet on June 4, 2005. I went 100% raw for 2 weeks. I had been trying to lose weight and get my sugar under control, get cholesterol down, and quit taking more medicine. I was overweight by 80-90 pounds and I knew all sorts of medical problems was imminent. With Type II Diabetes onset, I knew that eyes, heart and kidney disease were soon ahead.

Within one week, my sugar dropped from 300 to a60. After 2 weeks, sugar dropped to 130. It’s been normal now for 5 months. After 4 weeks on the Diet I was scheduled for an annual physical and my cholesterol had dropped from 185 to 121, sugar was normal, triglycerides had dropped from 300+ to 94. For years, I have been taking 325 mg aspirin, Enalapril for blood pressure and Parasichol/Lipitor. Fifteen months ago a second cholesterol pill, Atenolol was added to keep me below 200. After the drop in cholesterol, I quit taking Atenolol and 2 months later, after heart doctor gave me an annual hart stress test, I quit taking Lipitor. I have quit taking full aspirin doses and only one dose of blood pressure meds.

In the last 10 years, I have had 2 colon cancer surgeries and 2 angioplasty with one stint installed. I did not have to have any chemotherapy because of early detection, but surgery was necessary. I know better now. I fully believe when I have a future colonoscopy and other check-ups, that there will be no sign of any of these diseases. God is so Good. Hallelujah!

I no longer have cirrhosis of the liver, thyroid disease, diabetes…

Submitted By: Anonymous

In 2003 I was diagnosed a brittle diabetic and placed on 5 insulin shots per day. After changing my diet, blood tests reveal that I am now in the non-diabetic range. I praise Yahweh for the many miracles that have happened in my life as a result of changing my diet.

I no longer have cirrhosis of the liver, thyroid disease, diabetes, and I have experienced a weight loss in 4-years of 150 pounds. I will continue to lose more weight until I reach my ultimate goal of a healthy weight for me. I claim my miraculous healing and continue to go on praising Yahweh for HIS healing power to transform me into the woman I am today.

When I started eating Hallelujah style several years ago, all my health problems started to go away.

Submitted By: Kathleen of Yucca Valley, CA

Hello George! Sorry I did not identify myself when I sent it (last week’s feature recipe) in, but thank you for posting my favorite recipe. I am going to put more energy into Hallelujah Acres, maybe even attend a seminar. I have been eating what I refer to as the Genesis 1:29 diet for many years. It is wonderful what you have done with Hallelujah Acres.

It makes me sad when I see so many sick family members in the body of Christ when I know they can benefit from a simple dietary change. I have Hereditary Hemochromatosis (HH) that went undiagnosed for many years. The iron accumulation caused damage to my liver that lead to cirrhosis, liver disease and billiary duct disease. I also had lupus, diabetes, hashimotos thyroiditus, fibromyalgia and have battled depression that would trigger compulsive overeating. I had a complete hysterectomy due to hemorrhaging, fibroid tumors, endometriosis, cysts, cervical cancer and a pre cancerous uterus.

When I started eating Hallelujah style several years ago, all my health problems started to go away. I still have some bleeding to remove excess iron, but you would never know by looking at me. I am 46, feel great everyday, quite active for someone with a genetic disease. My chronic pain has subsided, blood results are normal, blood sugar is normal, and liver function is normal. It is my heart’s desire for all my Christian family to return to the Garden where God’s original diet was given and was sufficient. Then they too will be energetic and free of disease so that they can serve the Lord with radiance and vitality. Thank you for Hallelujah Acres.


my doctor took me off all 14 of my prescription…

Submitted By: Pastor Richard Gould of Norwich, NY

On June 26, 2006, I was taking 14 prescription medications a day, and the doctor was threatening to put me on injection insulin. Previously I had suffered a heart attack and had a stent installed. I had also been suffering with high blood pressure, along with diabetes, for many years.

Then in July 2006, someone shared with me an old ‘How to Eliminate Sickness’ videotape, by Rev. Malkmus. After watching it, I decided to give The Hallelujah Diet a try. Within the first week of making the diet change, I had lost 15 pounds, and within the first month, had lost a total of 28 pounds and my doctor took me off all 14 of my prescription medications. Since then, I have kept losing weight, and now, just 5-months after making the diet change, have lost a total of 65 pounds.

My wife, who also went on The Hallelujah Diet with me, has lost 41 pounds. I do not see The Hallelujah Diet as just a diet to lose weight, which I have done, but rather as a diet to get one’s health back, which I have also done.

I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior in 1976 at the age of 22, and went from an atheist to a Sunday School teacher in two months. I went off to Bible College in 1979 after surrendering to preach earlier that year. I pastored in Beacon, New York from 1982 to July 1987, and have been pastor of my current church since.

My palpitations and chest pains stopped! Severe reflux went away! Deep depression, gone!

Submitted By: Anonymous

In June of 2004, I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes. One week later, I had my annual mammogram and a golf-ball sized mass showed up. My doctor wanted to immediately start me on insulin and wanted me to see a surgeon, but he didn’t want me to “panic just yet”! I was so stunned. I just said, “No, I need to think, give me a week.”

The day of the results of my mammogram, my husband and I went to a local health food store and told them of my “issues”. They showed us a flier taped to their counter for a group called “Hallelujah Acres”. They were having a meeting that night! We went! The following day, we began the H.A. program, in earnest!

Within one week my glucose level was totally controlled. I have never had to begin those insulin injections! I recently had a 6 month follow-up mammogram. The golf-ball sized mass is gone, except for a tiny dot, half the size of a small pea! My doctor was very confused, but thrilled!

Before this program, I had many other medical issues, serious issues, but I was only concerned with the diabetes and the mass. What happened in the following month was totally unexpected, but truly an answered prayer! My palpitations and chest pains stopped! Severe reflux went away! Deep depression, gone! I was able to discontinue three of the four arthritis medications, the worst ones! I have discontinued and entire box of medications: Cardizem, Inderal, Prevacid, Nexium, Zolft, Vicodin, Vioxx and Methatrexate. Nor more antibiotics! I have more energy than I have had in 30 years! I can barely contain my enthusiasm for life! An extra added attraction is that 70 pounds has fallen off of me and is still going!! Hallelujah! God is Great! His blessings are bountiful!

Now my diabetes is gone, and all my other symptoms and their complications have disappeared..

Submitted By: Health Minister Pat Ojemeni, RN of Abuja, Nigeria, Africa

Dear Rev. Malkmus, I want to express my profound gratitude to you and your dear wife especially, and to the entire staff of Hallelujah Acres, for your total surrender to God and your sacrifices to humanity. I am one of the millions who have benefited from what God is doing through you and Hallelujah Acres.

In 2001 I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes melitus. The diabetes was complicated with vericose veins of the lower extremities, including hemorrhoids. I also suffered with irritability and a short temper, while my eyesight was getting dimmer by the day. I had thrush right from my tongue to my vulval. As a nurse I knew I was in serious trouble.

Thank God, on December 1, 2004, a friend introduced me to The Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle. Rev. Malkmus, it is hard to believe, but after only three days on The Hallelujah Diet, my blood sugar had stabilized between 95 and 110, even after meals. Within three months of making the diet change, I had LOST 22kg (50 pounds). And life became better and better as Health Minister Eric Bowtell in the UK worked with me to regain my health The Hallelujah Way.

Now everyone is saying I am looking like a 16-year-old, and I feel so much younger. Now my diabetes is gone, and all my other symptoms and their complications have disappeared. I came to Hallelujah Acres in March 2005, and am now trained as one of your Health Ministers. Here in Abuja, Nigeria, I am now on a crusade, teaching people ‘You don’t have to be sick.’ I have also opened a Health Resource Center, housing a free library, a gymnasium, a fruit and salad bar, and a counseling center.

Praise the Lord! The Hallelujah Health Message is being well received, and many people are shouting ‘Hallelujah’ here in Nigeria, as they see their physical problems simply disappearing after simply changing what they eat, from the SND (Standard Nigerian Diet) to The Hallelujah Diet.

I was diagnosed with diabetes…my sugar returned to normal in less than three weeks…

Submitted By: Doug of Demorest, GA

This book, The Hallelujah Diet, is one of the most thorough treatments of nutrition as it relates to major chronic diseases. Like the book by T. Colin Campbell, The China Study, this is a book covering all the major diseases of America and how simple nutrition steps we take can reverse diseases like heart disease, cancer, arthritis, and diabetes.

I was diagnosed with diabetes, and after trying Dr. Malkmus’ way of eating according to the Bible, my sugar returned to normal in less than three weeks. I lost 23 pounds in the same three weeks and have seen lots of other symptoms of heart disease and neuropathy go away in the last 9 months. His premise of ‘you don’t have to be sick’ permeates every chapter as he deals with all major diseases affecting Americans today. The three writers draw together all available scientific evidence to support this thesis, including charts and a complete meal plan to help every soul interested in attaining optimum health. He clearly shows how the standard food pyramid is upside down with its focus on meats and dairy, both known carcinogens because of all the chemicals, pesticides, and hormones used to grow livestock today. What a book by Destiny Image Publishers for those destined for the Throne! Hallelujah! I have bought 8 copies for friends and myself. So, eat right and see your health restored.

By the end of the first week on The Hallelujah Diet, my sugar level was down to 112 without any medication!

Submitted By: Devorah of Boynton Beach, FL

Dear Rev. Malkmus, In 2000 I was diagnosed with Diabetes Type II. I had also reached an unmanageable weight; cholesterol and triglyceride levels were off the chart; and I felt perpetually tired and discouraged. I was put on the typical regime of medications and noticed that the Diabetes meds would fluctuate in effectiveness. I was offered no hope of healing, only, as the doctor said, ‘all you can do is manage the disease.’ By 2004 at the age of 54, my weight had increased to the highest ever in my life. I understood I was on the slippery slope toward heart and kidney disease.

I began to pray to God for help and He answered when I met Health Ministers Tim and Anita Koch at my Congregation (church) in Boca Raton, FL. I explained my food and caffeine addictions, my sense of helplessness regarding my diabetes and cholesterol, and my general disgust with the demise of my health. I was also repentant regarding my bad attitude toward dietary discipline through nutrition. We talked about Hallelujah Acres and Tim and Anita invited me to do a ‘residential stay’ in their home for 6 days. I began The Hallelujah Diet on December 26, 2004, after Tim had suggested that I wean myself off coffee, meat, and dairy products before coming to their home, to help with the ‘detoxification’ process. Of course, as an addict, I did not do that, and even drank a Dunkin Donuts coffee on the way to their home, after getting Pizza for lunch! I brought my glucometer with me. When I arrived at their home, my sugar was at 346! (Normal range is 80-110) For a Diabetic even 120 would be a good reading, but I was on medication and my sugar had been going haywire for at least 2 months prior to my stay with Tim and Anita.

My residential regime included: prayer, education, teachings from Hallelujah Acres every day, along with workbook lessons. Also, walking/deep breathing/stretching exercises, hands-on juicing lessons, food preparation, shopping field trips (learning how to read labels more carefully and understand which foods support the health of my body), a field trip to a local ‘raw-food healing center,’ and fellowship with another student who entered the program the same day as I.

My first 2 days were filled with detoxification symptoms, as my body began to free itself of the garbage I had subjected it to for the previous 54 years. By the third day of the program I made the choice to go off of all my medications, trusting that my body would heal itself. Each day thereafter, my body did improve! By the end of the first week on The Hallelujah Diet, my sugar level was down to 112 without any medication! For the first 3 months I drank 4 Carrot Juices, plus 4 BarleyMax Juices each day, along with one Fiber Cleanse drink per day.

It has now been 7 months since beginning the Hallelujah Acres lifestyle, and I now walk in good health! I average 3-4 of each juice per day (Carrot and BarleyMax), and 2 tablespoons of ground Flax seed each evening. My energy level and stamina have dramatically increased! I have been free of all medications since the third day, and my sugar level continues to be normal. Weight loss continues, and I am now 50 pounds lighter! My goal is to lose 90 more pounds, increase the level of Raw Food in my diet, and increase exercise. (I currently walk 4 times per week at 30 minutes each walk). I continue to participate in periodic Class Dinners at Tim and Anita’s home, experiment with new food recipes, and seek their wisdom as questions arise. Tim and Anita have been like angels to me in this process and I am ever thankful for their training, faith, and kindness. Thank God for His grace and thank you all for this great work!

…so that people who have very, very high readings will know there is hope.

Submitted By: Pamela F.

Dear Rev. Malkmus, A friend shared The Hallelujah Diet with me. However, I did not give it serious consideration until my results for blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglycerides, came back from the lab and were nothing short of horrific. I am sharing my story so that people who have very, very high readings will know there is hope.

Although I am not out of the woods yet, and I too struggle as I see my friends eat pizza, gooey cinnamon rolls, and cheeseburgers with fries, I know the Hallelujah Diet is the way to go. Not only does it work, but I also believe it is God’s answer for divine health. To be honest, my doctor told me that I had a one-in-a-million chance that the diet would work. But as you can see, the Lord proved him wrong

in just the first four week’s on The Hallelujah Diet. On December 2, 2004, I weighed 157 pounds. I had a fasting blood sugar of 392, triglycerides of 4890 (this is not a typo), and a cholesterol reading that registered well over 500. On December 30, 2004, just four weeks after adopting The Hallelujah Diet, I weighed 147 pounds, had a fasting blood sugar of 191, my triglycerides were down to 1128, and my cholesterol had dropped to 379. I was a heart attack and stroke waiting to happen! I also had what the doctor called ‘raging diabetes,’ but had refused the expensive medications and chose rather to go on The Hallelujah Diet.

As I searched the testimonies on the Hallelujah Acres website before beginning the diet, I could not find where anyone who had been helped by The Hallelujah Diet had blood sugar, triglyceride, or cholesterol readings as high as mine, so I was not sure if the diet would work for me. But, praise God it did! May Jesus Christ be praised.

After introducing her to The Hallelujah Diet, she not only got healed of both of these problems…

Submitted By: Carol

Dear Rev. Malkmus, My name is Carol and I got to hear of the wonderful work God has given you just a few months ago, but already my whole world has changed as a result! Thank you so much for sharing.

My 68-year-old mum had been sick with diabetes and high blood pressure for a long time and was taking hand-fulls of drugs daily. After introducing her to The Hallelujah Diet, she not only got healed of both of these problems, but she is telling practically everybody in her village about it! We have trouble supplying her with the BarleyMax she keeps ordering from us here in Nairobi. We have also introduced The Hallelujah Diet to the saints we work with in the neighboring country of Uganda. Demand is so high for more information there, that we are having trouble keeping up with all the requests.

He is completely off his medicine and his insulin level is perfect.

Submitted By: Hugh C.


Hugh C. used to be on the board of Directors for a local bank when I worked there. He owns and retired from (a company in Maryville). He told everyone Wednesday night that he had been diabetic since 1992.

He went on the(Hallelujah) diet when he first started attending our class. He is completely off his medicine and his insulin level is perfect. What a testimony! He said he was inspired by John L’s testimony who had halved his insulin in a short while and came off all his medicine.

…got healed from diabetes and other diseases on The Hallelujah Diet..

Submitted By: Rebekah A of Africa

Dear Reverend, Calvary greetings in Jesus’ Name. I got well from invasive breast cancer through The Hallelujah Diet in year 2001/2002. I have not been able to come for the Health Ministers Training as desired as yet, but I keep telling people that they don’t have to be sick, and the Lord is confirming it in many lives.

By God’s grace, one Patience Ojemeni, who is now trained as a Health Minister in Nigeria, got healed from diabetes and other diseases on The Hallelujah Diet, through my testimony and encouragement. I also have had some other people who got healed from diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer through adopting The Hallelujah Diet.

We give all the glory to God! But I would like you to also know that I have witnessed some people die, even after adopting the Diet, if they had completed the orthodox treatments of chemotherapy and/or mastectomy before hearing about The Hallelujah Diet. At times I have gotten so discouraged that I thought I will not share the diet with those who previously received orthodox treatments for their cancers, but when I look at those that have got well from this same disease by this same diet, I made up my mind to give the same opportunity to all that are willing to hear.

…his blood sugar levels have been steadily coming down – 375, 223, 151, 141, 138, 117!

Submitted By: Jeanne S

Dear Dr. and Mrs. Malkmus, I am a 44-year-old woman with breast cancer, and a heaping handful of
physician-induced health issues. I have been ‘playing’ with healthy practices for years, but kept getting lazy or distracted, and cheating. My family was sick to death of my trying to recruit them as diet-buddies. But alas, one must stick to the program to see it work.

In February 2005, I proposed a bargain to my family: ‘If you go on The Hallelujah Acres diet faithfully for one month, and at the end of the month can truthfully say that you feel no better, I will never say another word to you about what you are eating again.’ Well, I knew the deck was stacked, because anyone would feel better in one month on The Hallelujah Diet! Oh, but to get me to stop talking about nutrition, and the poisons they were putting into their bodies, was too much for them to resist.

Grudgingly, my family joined me on The Hallelujah Diet. My husband’s caffeine withdrawal was brutal. But praise God, he stuck with it, and he no longer consumes a pot per day – not even a cup! It has been such a blessing to me, to prepare food that our entire family will eat, instead of healthy food for me, and something unhealthy for them. Make no mistake; this diet change hasn’t been a picnic! But the benefits are starting to roll in already, and that does make it easier.

My husband has diabetes. Unbeknown to me, his blood sugar had skyrocketed to nearly 500! But since going on The Hallelujah Diet, his blood sugar levels have been steadily coming down – 375, 223, 151, 141, 138, 117! praise God! My husband doesn’t think he’s a believer in the diet yet, but he can’t argue with the visible results – including a weight loss of 15 pounds so far! He is also sharing The Hallelujah Diet with others – his overweight eye doctor, his candy-dependent co-worker, and his newly diagnosed diabetic friend. Praise God again and again!

And thank you too, Dr. Malkmus for your weekly Health Tips that show up in my E-mail box, even on the weeks I would have forgotten about reading them; for the experts that you have on your staff; and for the information from experts you share in your weekly Health Tips that have done the research to prove the finer points of The Hallelujah Lifestyle for the nay sayers. Thank you also for looking to the Author and Finisher of our faith to give you direction – and then boldly proclaiming what has to be an unwelcome message to many. I covet your prayers, so that in six months to a year, I can write again to tell you how healthy we all are, how my cancer is gone, diabetes gone too, how much weight we’ve lost, and how our outreach of sharing this health message is making a difference in our community. Nothing is too hard for our God!

We continue to praise God for His healing in our bodies through something as simple as a diet and lifestyle change

Submitted By: Diana & Dennis T

I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis (an auto-immune disease) in March 1999. The disease was confined to my skin and at the time i had 13 painful, throbbing tumors, throughout my body. I had no energy to care for my 3 children or to work my 40-hour workweek job. After much prayer, research, and crying out to God for healing, I refused the medical route of steroid treatments.

The Lord led me to [Rev. Malkmus’] book ‘Why Christians Get Sick’ and after reading it, my husband and I felt this [Hallelujah Diet] was God’s plan for my healing not realizing at the time that our whole family would experience healing in some area as a result. My husband and I, in total agreement, and as a family, immediately adopted The Hallelujah Diet. We threw out all indications of dead food and medications from our home, and went totally raw. We didn’t even eat out for that first year and a half after changing our diet and lifestyle. A salad out is still a real treat for our family.

Within a few months of making the diet change, all my tumors left, along with 38 pounds. When I began The Hallelujah Diet, I was 5’8″ tall and weighed 169 pounds, and within 4 months time, my weight was down to 131 pounds. that was over 5-years ago when I was 45-years-old. Today I am 51-years-old, and for the first time in my life have been able to maintain my weight, something I have never before been able to do.

My husband Dennis was a diabetic when we made the diet change, and weighed in at 260 pounds at 6’4″ tall. In his first few months on The Hallelujah Diet, he lost 42 pounds. His cholesterol levels dropped from 210 TO 150 in just a short time, he was no longer considered diabetic when his blood-sugar readings dropped from 160 to 90.

We had three children still at home when we made the diet change. They all lost weight as well, although we did not record their weight when we started The Hallelujah Diet. But when we look at pictures of them before we began the diet, we can see a big difference. Before adopting The Hallelujah Diet, our 11-year-old son had Asthma really bad, but since the diet and lifestyle change, he has not seen a doctor in over 5-years, but then none of us have!

Since making the diet change, my husband and I have experienced no more sinus headaches, and my husband is able to stand longer periods of time without intense pain (my husband previously had very bad varicose veins in his legs). I no longer suffer from the hip, knee and joint pain that I previously had, and all the allergies that were such a big part of my life for so many years are gone! my energy has definitely increased, and to our surprise, people say that they cannot believe we have 6 grandchildren.

We continue to pray for the Lord to make a way for my husband and I to be able to come to the Health Ministers training there at Hallelujah Acres. We continue to praise God for His healing in our bodies through something as simple as a diet and lifestyle change. It is a way of life for us now, and we can’t imagine ever going back to the Standard American Diet (SAD) lifestyle. Thank you Dr. Malkmus for helping us get a revelation of these physical principles that Christians should have been applying in their lives all along.

I am now off all medications, have more energy than I know what to do with, and all of my above ailments have disappeared!

Submitted By: Alveta R.

Dear Rev. Malkmus, I heard about Hallelujah Acres approximately one year ago when I became very interested in your teachings. Later, while reading your magazine ‘Back to the Garden’, I saw an ad for the Hallelujah Lifestyle Center. My husband and I immediately made arrangements to spend a week at the Hallelujah Lifestyle Center [with Health Ministers Bev and Chet Cook].

The results were remarkable! As I indicated on my application, I had diabetes. My blood sugar levels were consistently in the 200s. My doctor indicated that I would have to go on insulin soon; instead of continuing the 3 pills I had been taking each day. I also had other physical problems such as heartburn, for which I was taking handfuls of Tums daily. I also suffered from constipation, and at times diarrhea. I also suffered with hemorrhoids, allergies, arthritis, headaches and acid reflux. I had shortness of breath, chest pains, hot flashes and night sweats.

Within just two short months after adopting The Hallelujah Diet, my husband Joe had lost 25 pounds, while I had lost 15 pounds. I am now off all medications, have more energy than I know what to do with, and all of my above ailments have disappeared! Believe me, I have become a believer! The number one reason I am interested in becoming a Back to the Garden
Health Minister is because I have always had a desire to minister to people. After personally experiencing The Hallelujah Diet, I am confident I could fulfill this life- long dream. I would like to devote full time to this ministry.

I have more energy. I am very happy to say the least!

Submitted By: David P. of N. Carolina


I am a 60 year old male who attended your March 2003 first Saturday-of-the- month seminar at Hallelujah Acres, and have been doing The Hallelujah Diet ever since. I had 4 bypasses in 1998, have
Type II diabetes, and high cholesterol. I take medicine for all of these. Also, I have had psoriasis on my hands, elbows, and legs most of my life.

Since going on The Hallelujah Diet [less than a month ago], my psoriasis is clearing up, my blood sugar is in normal range, and I have more energy. I am very happy to say the least!

…my blood sugar readings remain between 94 and 118

Submitted By: Odella of Lafayette, IN


I have been receiving your weekly health newsletters for a long time, but only fairly recently decided I needed to be starting The Hallelujah Diet. I had been told I had Type 2 diabetes, and the doctor put me on 2 pills of Glucophage daily. I still tried to watch what I was eating, but it didn’t have much effect on my blood sugar readings. I also had several other medical problems that were attacking my body, so now was the correct time for me to start on the correct diet to help my body.

I started The Hallelujah Diet on December 27, 2001. I stopped one diabetic pill on January 13, 2002, which reduced my medication to only one pill a day. On January 16, 2002 I stopped all medication for diabetes. I waited until March 2002 to make my doctors appointment for blood tests and to talk with the doctor. I had the blood tests done first, then had the appointment with the doctor to find out the results of the blood tests.

When the doctor came into the room to tell me about the test results, his words were ‘Your blood tests are great, whatever you have been doing, just keep it up!’ I said ‘OK, but how great are my results?’ He told me that my blood pressure was perfect, and that my diabetic sugar test had dropped over 100 points. I then told him the dates I had stopped taking the medication and he said ‘you mean you haven’t taken any medication in two months?’

I then said, ‘would you like to know how I changed my lifestyle that turned my life around?’ ‘Of course,’ he said, ‘I would like to know what you are doing!’ Then I proceeded to tell him about The Hallelujah Diet, which he said was the first time he had heard of anything like that. He questioned me about the diet and agreed that it would be wonderful if I could continue eating this way. I said: ‘I have no problem continuing on this diet, because this was a way of life for me now and I feel so much better eating this way.’

I have now been on the diet for seven months and my blood sugar readings remain between 94 and 118, my blood pressure remains perfect, and I have lost a total of 32 pounds!

BarleyMax (8.5 oz) - Powder
BarleyMax (8.5 oz) – Powder
BarleyMax is a barley juice product, which is grown from specially selected seeds on fields that are certified organic in a pristine area of the USA where the soil is high in minerals and the air is pure.

I tell people that this diet is now a way of life for me. I do believe that the taste buds get accustomed to the new foods, and I do not have any desire to go back to eating the old way. I have cut out all meat, dairy products, and all sweet desserts! I feel good and know in time that the rest of my medical problems will be just fine also. I have passed The Hallelujah Diet on to several people and have shared with them my experience with the diet.

I have found a new, fresh, and vibrant lifestyle, and thank Rev. & Mrs. Norman Allender, missionaries to Old Mexico, for introducing you and Hallelujah Acres to me. I forward your newsletter on to people who believe in your work and love to read the newsletters. Thank you so much for my new way of life! May God bless you and your work for Him!

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