Earthlings the Movie Watch Online High Definition

This movie Earthlings truly gives you a sense of what we are doing to God’s creation. It is definitely a movie that will have you talking for time to come. And it will be very unlikely that you will want to harm or destroy any of God’s creation or especially eat it after understanding much of what these animals are having to suffer through so that man can indulge.

The above movie link is a continuous high definition feed and will really touch your emotions. Two thirds of this movie is undercover footage taking you where cameras would never normally be allowed to go.

The animal cruelty in this movie is truly inhumane, and to condone it makes us partakers of the destruction of life. Man was given dominion over the animals, and truly it has been abused.

This film is 95 minutes and was released in 2005. Some of the sections of the movie include farms, slaughterhouses, hunting, bull fightings, puppy mills, primates being used as head injury experiments. This movie will shock, educate and probably bring tears to your eyes.

earthlings the movie

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