Southeast Asian Coconut Dumplings (Onde-Onde)

Onde Onde (also spelled as Ondeh Ondeh) is a common Southeast Asian dessert.

Yield: 25


9 full cups of green bean soak overnight.

Medium heat the green bean for 35 min.

1 cup of dried figs, chopped and soaked for 10 minutes to soften (other dried fruits such as cranberries, prunes, sultanas and apricots would also work, just soak first to slightly soften)

5 full cups of grated Coconut

1 cup of Organic Blackstrapp Molasses ( excellent for iron-deficiency/anemics people)


Place the dried fruits into the blender and blend until the mixture forms a thick paste. Put this mixture into a bowl. Now add the nuts/seeds to the blender and pulse until chopped.  The next bit can get a little messy! Knead the nuts and fruit together. Then use a spoon to put the blackstrapp molasses inside each small ball. shape the mix into small. Roll the ball in sesame seeds or grated coconut then store in a sealed container in the fridge. There you go..

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