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Watch the full movie Burzynski: Cancer is Serious Business here. Be sure toburzynski the movie share it with as many friends as possible while it is availble. This video documents the criminal corruption in the cancer industry.

Major corruption is taking place within the FDA(Food and Drug Administration) and the drug companies have taken control of the FDA and have suppressed a known Cancer suppressing therapy.

In 1992 the congress passed the Prescription Drug User Fee Act which authorizes drug companies to pay “user fees” to the FDA for each brand-name drug considered for approval. This would put the FDA on the payroll of the industry it regulates. This is a slight conflict of interest.

The part of the agency that reviews the drugs gets half of it’s money from the Pharmaceutical industry. Basically the pharmaceutical companies have taken control of the FDA. Thus it would be in their best interest to have you be sick. It would not be in your interest to share with you a cure to disease. “the love of money is the root of all evil”(1 Tim 6:10). Incredibly many of the advisors for the FDA work for drug companies.

It’s obvious the FDA does not work for your interests but rather for the interest of the Pharmaceutical and drug companies. These drug companies have their drugs reviewed within 6 months paying millions of dollars into the pocket of the FDA.

Meanwhile Dr. Burzynski’s Cancer treatment “Antineoplaston” has been proven to reverse brain cancer in thousands and has been on the shelf of the FDA since 1977. Burzynski showed over and over the results that were occuring from his therapy and showed that incurable forms of cancer were completely dissapearing.

In 1986 Burzynski agreed to share with the Texas State Medical Board 40 cases of cancer he had successfully helped cure using the treatment of “Neoplastons” from patients who had many different types of cancer including breast, bladder, lung, liver, brain, head and neck and lymphoma.

After submitting these cases he didn’t hear back from them leading him to assume that they were satisfied. 2 years later they showed up with allegations to try to suspend his medical license.

If you have had cancer or been affected by cancer and have been a victim of chemotherapy or radiation treatments this video is likely to make you quite upset at what the FDA has been doing over the years. This video brings the responsibility of the death of millions into the hands of the FDA.

The non-toxic compounds of proteins and amino acids have been proven to aid in the reversal of cancer. Though this movie does not document the cause of cancer we recommend another movie below that we believe is much more effective not only in the reversal of cancer, but also in preventing cancer altogether as well as numerous other diseases that are prevalent today.

This movie truly exposes the corruption of the Medical Industry due to chemical producing toxin filling pharmaceutical and drug companies. This movie may make your hair stand on your head. Cancer truly is Serious Business.

There is a much better way to overcome cancer as well as many other diseases that has been proven for centuries and that is by trusting God as our designer and following his biblical principles turning back to the diet that was given to man originally which included fruits, herbs and seeds. The testimonies from overcoming cancer using God’s principles are endless.

Cancer Testimonies from people who have given a raw vegan and natural diet with no therapy but that which God prescribed in his word.

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