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You can now watch the movie absolutely free and share with your friends. This is the best in reality TV, for it will inspire you to cleanse your bodies on a regular basis and draw you closer to Jesus for true healing. This is an amazing 54-minute documentary a couple years ago at the Golden State Theatre in Monterey, CA., where 250 people showed up for the Red Carpet Screening and then packed the local church for health lectures and raw demos that weekend.

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BellaVita – The Movie is about reversing disease with lifestyle changes and natural remedies like sea water flushes, colon detoxification, parasite cleanses, liver and gallbladder flushes, herb cocktails, hydrotherapy, skin brushing, cold sheet treatments, and God’s wonderful laws of health.  George Hope and Danny Vierra spent days editing the 25 hours of footage down to a 54-minute fast-paced, heart-moving documentary filled with healing miracles. This unprecedented film captures real guests on an unscripted journey and their healing miracles using unconventional and natural remedies.

Watch as migraines and stomach ailments disappear with cleansing coffee enemas designed to reduce pain and cleanse the liver in minutes. Watch as a heroic man gains the victory over 12 years of Oxycontin abuse. Watch the highlight of an 86-year-old Holocaust survivor who does a backflip off the diving board after passing a 6-foot tapeworm and a large black rope-like stool. The raw meals are another highlight. The pictures alone will make your mouth water.

Watch the FREE movie below:

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