ABC News Video – Effects of Caffeine on the Brain

The Effects of Caffeine on the Brain – Bloodflow drops 40% to brain.  Ever had a caffeine headache, this video explains why. The conclusions of the experts in this video seem to disagree with the effects on the brain. “Coffee is a hurtful indulgence. ...Read More

Bill Gates Admits Vaccines Used for Depopulation

Bill Gates Admits Vaccinations used for Depopulation Bill Gates tells Sanjay Gupta that vaccines will be used to reduce the population. reported that Kenya was seeing mass infertility occurring at the hands of WHO anti-tentanus immunizations. …new allegations that two United Nations organizations have ...Read More

Human DNA Found in Hot Dogs, According to Report

Your franks may not be being frank with you if you’re a vegetarian. According to a study from Clear Labs, a food analytics startup, 10% of vegetarian hot dog products contain meat. Perhaps worse, the company found hygiene issues in four of its 21 ...Read More

Raw cucumber salsa

Ingredients: Two roma tomatoes or the equivalent 1/4 sweet onion One cucumber One lemon or lime Salt Herbs of choice (Italian seasoning used in above picture, cilantro would be very nice) Cut onion, cucumber and tomatoes into large pieces and place in food processor ...Read More